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2019-20 New Student Registration

New Student Registration for 2019-2020

*******If your student previously attended Jordan District, please follow the instructions on This Form.********

*******If you are brand new to Jordan School District, proceed with the instructions below!********

  1. Please visit: http://planning.jordandistrict.org/enrollment/ to pre-register a NEW student to Jordan School District.
  2. Print this form and bring it along with the following documentation to your scheduled appointment:
          1. Must complete New Student Registration (online) at http://planning.jordandistrict.org/enrollment/
          2. Unofficial Transcript or Report Card—Obtain from previous school.
          3. Proof of residency – 2 forms which must include:
            1. a lease agreement or mortgage statement AND
              1. a current utility bill, bank statement, paystub, etc. showing your CURRENT address
          4. Picture Identification of legal guardian
          5. Original Birth Certificate (We will make a copy) *If your relationship to the student is not as listed on the birth certificate please contact Jordan School District Student Services at 801-567-8183.
          6. Immunization Records – Vaccinations your student MUST have received:
            • 5 DTap, DTP, DT
            • 1 Tdap (TD Booster)
            • 4 Polio
            • 2 MMR
            • 3 Hepatitis B
            • 2 Hepatitis A (if born after July 1, 1996)
            • 1 Varicella (Chickenpox) 2 required if 1st dose given after 13th birthday
            • Meningococcal – 2 Doses
          7. If you do not live in Herriman High School boundaries.
          8.  Letter of Intent—If coming from a K-12 charter school (Paradigm, Utah Virtual Academy, Providence Hall, Summit Academy, Washington Online, AISU, etc.), a Letter of Intent from your charter school is required. (If your charter school only services students through 9th grade, a Letter of intent is not required.)