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Thank you for your interest in the School Community Council at Herriman High. Our Community is highly involved in generating positive solutions to local problems. Please feel welcome to attend any Community Council Meeting. Please read over the School Community Council Code of Conduct for better participation during the meetings.

Council Meetings begin at 7 and are held in the Media Center

Council Resource Documents:

Appropriate Expenditures of Trust Lands Money
Safe Technology Utilization & Digital Citizenship
Safe Technology & Digital Citizenship Requirements for Community Councils
Rules of Order for Community Councils
Robert’s Rules of Order Handout
Community Council Training Suggestions
Checklist for Council Members
Checklist for Council Leaders

Upcoming Meeting Dates:

February 15, 2017 in the Media Center

Land Trust Documents

2015-16 Herriman High School Land Trust Final Expenditures Report
2014-15 Final Herriman High Land Trust Final Report
2013-14 Herriman High School Land Trust Final Report

Minutes from this Year:

The Parents, Faculty, and Community Leaders Serving on the Council this year include:
HHS Community Group Contact Info 2015-16

James Crane -Parent
Rosanne Delaney-Parent
Trina Garlick -Parent
Jolynne Jimenez -Parent
Jason Mecham -Parent
Heather Thomas -Parent
Tracy Roberts -Parent
Darrell Robinson -Vice Chairman
Brook Ruff -Parent
Ronald Mortensen -Parent
Julie Williams – Chairman
Tricia Toponce – Parent
Katherine Harbaugh – Parent

Lynn Crane – School Board Member
Carmen Freeman – Herriman City Mayor

James Birch – Principal
Jill Ames – School Employee
John Blodgett -School Employee
LaRue Edwards – School Employee
Jonathan Haag – School Employee
Jennifer Samples – School Employee
Dave Tilby – Assistant Principal

Archive of Community Council Meeting Minutes