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Herriman Driver Ed Summer Class Schedule
June 5-8, 2017 Class (Portable 1) 8AM to 12PM
June 12-15, 2017 Class (Portable 1) 8AM to 12PM

Driving range –Students will be assigned to three driving ranges over the two week course. Each range is two hours long and held each day from before class from 6AM to 8AM and again after class time 12PM to 2PM. Students sign up for their range dates on the first day of class.

Driver Education

“What every parent should know”

1. Utah State Law requires students to complete 27 hours of classroom instruction. This generally means a student cannot miss more than 3 class periods per quarter, excused or un-excused.2. Students are required to complete 6 hours of Driving Range instruction. Students are assigned to 3-two hour sessions for range the first week of the quarter. Please encourage your student to not miss his or her range times.3. Students are required to complete 3 hours of road driving with an instructor. Students are scheduled for road drives based on the date they can get their license. In order to be placed on the list for road drives, the driver education fee must be paid, the student must have a valid learners permit, and show permit to the teacher.4.    The fee for Driver Education is $120 (Summer $140). This fee is due by the 3rd week of the quarter.5.  Each Quarter there is a Mandatory Parent/Student Night.  A representative from UDOT’s Zero Fatalities program will provide a teen driver safety presentation.  Attendance by both parent and student is required. This expectation is required at all High Schools in our district.  If you cannot attend on Herriman’s night, dates of other high school programs in Jordan District will be provided upon request and you can attend one of these for full credit.6. Students must obtain a Driving Learners permit from the State Driver License Division anddrive with that permit for a minimum of 6 months before he or she can obtain their license.Students are required to drive a minimum of 40 hours (10 hours of it at night) with their legalguardian. The cost of the permit is $15. Please note, once a student has obtained theirlearners permit, he or she must show the permit to their teacher. Until they do this, weassume they don’t have permit and do not schedule them for driving.7. The State now requires students to pass an on-line safety exam. This is done on thestudent’s own time and can be done anytime. The website to complete this test ishttps://secure.utah.gov/dlexams Call the State DLD at 801-983- 0275 for tech help.8. At Herriman High we have approximately 1000 students that go through the Driver Educationprogram every school year. Our goal is to assist every student through the requirements ofDriver Education so that they will be able to obtain their license on their eligibility date. Pleaseunderstand we will work very hard to be flexible with students busy schedules but we cannotcustomize schedules for every student. Please encourage (i.e. Force) your student to beresponsible and not miss or be late for scheduled appointments. Thank YouQuestions: Brad Tingey –brad.tingey@jordandistrict.org

The following is not a comprehensive description of our Driver Education program, but it will help you to get a basic idea of how our system works.

Fee: $120 during the regular school year, $140 during summer school.

Attendance: Utah state law requires that students receive a minimum of 27 hours classroom time for drivers education. Any type of absence or tardy counts against a student’s 27 hours of instruction whether it is excused or not. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PASS THIS CLASS IF THE STATE MANDATED 27-HOUR MINIMUM OF CLASS TIME IS NOT MET.

Course Objectives: It is our position that Driver Education is merely a beginningfor students. While we cannot provide them with every driving experience and all-encompassing driving wisdom, we do believe that focusing on basic fundamentals of attitude and skill can help a driver education student begin to develop safe and sound driving habits that become lifetime skills. The course objectives below are based upon a practical philosophy of defensive driving. We strive to help students to:

  1. Understand the importance of a mature, responsible driving attitude.
  2. Become 100% safety belt users.
  3. Understand the dangers and costs of impaired driving.
  4. Begin learning basic driving skills.
  5. Learn and obey the rules of the road.
  6. Prepare to pass the state written driver license exam and the state road test.

Learner Permits: Students must have a valid learner permit in order to do any driving in H.H.S. Dr. Ed. The best time to get a permit is approximately 15 years and 3-6 months of age. Getting a permit at age 15 makes it virtually impossible to get your license before it expires on the 16th birthday. We encourage students to get their permits before they take the class; however, it is not required.  Please go to driverlicense.utah.gov for more specific information on how to get a valid Utah learner permit.

Licensing Requirements-In order for your son or daughter to be issued a Utah Driver License the following must be completed.

  1. 16 years of age at time of application.
  2. Obtain a Learners Permit from the DLD.  The student is eligible to obtain his or her learners permit on their 15th birthday and at that time they must pass the written test and health screening in order to obtain their permit. Once the student has the permit, they can then practice driving with their parent or guardian and must complete 40 hours of driving with parents before they can apply for their license.  The student must have his or her permit for a minimum of 6 months before he or she can obtain their drivers license.
  3. Complete Drivers education with a passing grade and pay all Dr. Ed. Fees.
    1. Classroom instruction (27 hours)
    2. Range instruction (6 hours)
    3. Road instruction (3 hours behind the wheel with an instructor)

Please note: Before a student may drive with an instructor on the road, they must obtain the Learners Permit from the DLD and pay the $120 fee

  1. Pass the Utah State Written Exam. (80% or better)  This is the Learners permit test.  ***********Once a student has their learners permit they must bring it and show it to Mr. Tingey  so he can get them on the schedule for road drives.********************
  2. Pass Road Test. (80% or higher) One attempt will be given at school.  Additional attempts can be taken at the DLD.
  3. Pay Appropriate Driver Education Fee. (Students cannot drive on the roads before fee is paid.)

After completing these steps Mr. Tingey will submit completion information to the state and the student can then go to the DLD and obtain his or her license

Utah Drivers License Division (DLD)

Draper Office—14555 S Minuteman Drive

Hours: 7AM to 6PM


Range and Road Information

Please make sure that you attend all range and road dates.  Please note- range and road are two different requirements.  Students need to complete 6 hours of range driving on our school driving range and do not need to have their permit to drive on the range.  Students also need to complete 3 hours of road driving with an instructor on the highway.  To be scheduled for road drives a student must have obtained their learner permit and also paid the Appropriate Drivers Ed fee.

Students must be on time in order to attend the range and receive credit for the range.  Failure to comply with the rules of the range or any misbehavior will result in immediate dismissal from the range and possible exclusion from further Range or Road instruction.

You must be on time for road drives.  Road drives can be scheduled before and after school.  Morning drives can start as early as 5 am.  Because of the large number of students needing to drive it is very important that students are flexible about drive times and must attend their drives.  Never assume that due to bad weather that your road drive will be cancelled.  The teacher will notify you if a drive needs to be cancelled so please, always show up for your roads.

PLEASE NOTE; Failure to attend scheduled range or road sessions could result in the delay of completion of requirements for weeks or even months because of lack of availability for make-up time.

Refunds will not be given once the student has been scheduled for the range.

Road Schedule:

Students will be scheduled for road drives after they have obtained a learners permit.

It is our goal to help your son or daughter enjoy a good start in driving by helping him or her to develop a mature, responsible driving attitude and set of basic defensive driving skills. If you have specific questions or concerns, please communicate with me via email (see below). It is the easiest and most convenient way for me to respond and help you. Please leave a phone number in your communication in case I need to call you.


Brad Tingey, HHS Dr. Ed. Dept. Chairperson