Frequently Asked Questions

What is MAP?

MAP stands for Mustang Academic Period. This is a 30 minute class designed to help your student who is behind on his/her work, who has a D- or F, or who just needs to catch up. If your student has a D- or an F in one of his/her classes, they are to report to that room each MAP period until the grade improves.

Why did I get a call that my student didn’t go to their MAP 9th period class?

Students who receive a white card, indicating they have a D- or F in one of their classes, must log into the system with their ID number. This lets us know they attended one of their classes to get help. If a student fails to log in, a call goes home informing the parent/guardian that they did not log in or attend a class.

What happens to my student if they are required to go MAP and they don’t go or forget to log in?

An absence in MAP does not count against their attendance. You don’t need to call in and excuse them. Once a student misses 10 MAP classes, a vice principal will visit with the student and encourage them to attend.

What is the benefit of my student attending Map?

  1. Students get the extra time and help with improving their grades. Our school’s overall grade average has improved since we implemented the MAP program.
  2. Every 40 times your student logs into a MAP class, they get a ¼ elective credit

What if my student went to MAP and logged in but didn’t get credit?

Have your student talk to their teacher and have the teacher email the MAP secretary and she will manually give them the credit.

What if my student received a colored MAP card?

A colored MAP card is for those students who have an A through a D. The colored card is a ticket into the Gym, Cafeteria, or Library. A student with a colored MAP card may also go to a classroom and log in for credit, and do homework or study.

A teacher can turn a student away if he/she has a colored card and the class is too full.

What if my student has a D- or F in a class that doesn’t hold MAP class?

Some classrooms are closed to MAP for safety reasons.

If there is a substitute, no MAP will be in there that day.

Students with a white card in one of these classes will need to attend a different classroom and log in and study.


Additional Information

  1. The teacher has the right to send a student out of a MAP class if that student is being disruptive. Furthermore, that student will not get credit for going.
  2. Any student found wandering the halls after the tardy bell rings will be swept into the Tech Atrium. They will not get credit for MAP that day.
  3. There is nowhere to log into MAP in the Gym, Cafeteria, Tech Atrium, or Library.