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4th Period Competition Movies

Students created a short video to enter into the Competition. The rules were simple: create a video that fellow students will like and get them to vote for it. The video with the most votes gets an A on the project, next most votes gets a B, etc… (or something close to that!) You can vote for two videos from each class. Thanks! Vote Here!

#1 – Rude Interviews


#2 – Debate Before and After


#3 – Love Your Hair


#4 – Bad Puns Make you Smile


#5 – Most Popular Kid in School


#6 – Super Brendan


#7 – Bro Squad


#8 – Banana Sprite Challenge


Period 8 Movies

#1 – Text & Drive


#2 – Teenage Male Pregnancy


#3 – Slap Happy


#4 – Is Pepsi OK?


#5 – Smells Like School Spirit


#6 – Little Kids and Big Questions


Pinky Promise


homecoming assembly highlights


Christmas Break Poem


Art Department Highlights


ACT Final


Signing Day with Jaren and Kaysha


Spring Break Poem


Tha Suppa Bowl Commercial


Timmy Returns


Orchestra Concert 2016