Home Administration


The Admin Team and their Assignments

Principal James Birch   x78570

Responsibilities: Awards, Community Liason, CSIP, Dept Chairs, Faculty Advisory, Faculty Clothing, Faculty Meetings, Faculty/Staff Recognition, Grants, JPAS Coordinator, Payroll, Personnel Evaluations, Physical Facilities, PTSA Organization, Region Football, School Community Council, School Finances, Supplies/Budgets, Teacher Checkout, Total School Operation, Vending

Departments: Attendance Office, Counseling, Custodial, Media Center, Main Office, Nutrition Services, Registrar

A-Co:  Dave Tilby    x78532

Responsibilities: Bells, CSIP Issues and Funding, RTI Setup, Faculty Handbook, Suburbans, Keys, HR, Land Trust, Alumni Room, Lockers, Parking, Facilities, PTSA Meetings, Region Girls Cross, Risk Management, Data Room.

Departments: Social Studies, PE, Drivers Ed, Ag Sci

Cr-Ha:  Lynn Allred    x78533

Responsibilities: Activity Supervision, Tickets, Athletics, Athletics Display Cases, Attendance Policy, CURE, Dept Chair Meetings, Lunch Schedules, Magnet, Marquee, Photos & Lifetouch, PT Conferences, Room Scheduling, Say Officer/Hall Monitors, Region Football, Transportation, Booster Committees

Departments: Math, Visual Arts, FACS

He-Ma:  Rufine Einzinger    x78534

Responsibilities: Accreditation/CSIP/Northwest Report, Assembly Supervision & PLC Rotation, HIT, Bilingual/ESL, Chamber of Commerce, Dance Company/MDT, Display Cases/Public Relations, Fieldtrips/Overnight Travel, Fundraisers, FTE Counts and Audit, Admin Travel w/ Teams, Master Schedule & Arena Scheduling, Sterling Scholars, Region Music, Student & Teacher Recognition Committee, Student Handbook

Departments: Language Arts, Health, Tech

Mc-R:  Kim Searle    x78574

Responsibilities: Data Room, PLC Charts & Progress, Mastery Connect, SLO’s, Google Apps, Google Surveys, LEA Special Education, Social Committee, Yearbook, Newspaper, Professional Development, Recognition Committee, Clubs and Rush Week, Technology, NHS, Safety Drills

Departments: Special Education, Performing Arts, Business, Ag Sci

S-Z:  Rich Price    x78531

Responsibilities: Alumni Room, Announcements, Building Rentals, Calendar/Activities, Cheerleaders/Drill Team, Graduation, Student Teachers, Website, PLC, Public Relations/SBO Boards, Region Drill, Skyward Messages, Home and Hospital, SBO’s, Testing, Textbooks Budget

Departments: Science, World Languages, Woods/Drafting